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Happy Friday, have a nice weekend! You don’t want unwanted guests in your home for the holidays. Don’t let those rodents get into your home. There are a few things you can do to keep them out. 1) Rodents do not like open areas (especially mice). It makes them vulnerable to predators. Removing old boxes, piles of wood, old leaves, and any other debris around your house will make it more difficult for them to hide. 2) Trim back trees with branches near the roof to prevent them from jumping on your roof and getting into your attic. 3)Rodents only need a quarter of an inch opening to gain access into your home. If you were to inspect your house you would probably find many small cracks and openings that rats and mice can get into. You can easily close these openings by replacing old screens, patching small holes, using aerosol foam that comes in a can or close the holes with steel wool. 4) Keep an eye out for runways that they use to come in and out. You will be able to recognize the runways because they will most likely have droppings or smudges caused by the oil in their skin. 5) Rodents, particularly the House Mouse, love nuts and grains (They’re actually not too fond of cheese), so be sure that any food made from these things are sealed in a plastic container. This includes dog food and garden seeds. If you use a mouse trap to catch them you want to put a small corner from a sneakers bar on the trap (that will help to attract them better, plus you can eat the rest of the sneakers)

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Happy Friday! Have a nice weekend. Every day brings new choices. Martha Beck

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