January 2018
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Quarterly Pest Control (Every 3 Months)

Many customers love our quarterly pest control program because the payments are more spread out through the year and we are at their homes taking care of them more frequently. The following steps are the steps of the initial quarterly pest control treatment. After the initial service, we come out every 3 months to treat the outside (you don’t even have to be home!) unless you see a problem on the inside, in which case we will treat the inside with no extra cost to you!

  1. Attic/Crawl Space-We use a machine to power dust your attic/crawl space with a product that is odorless & non-allergenic.
  2. Plumbing Voids & Appliances-Using a hand dispenser we will use the same product as above in the plumbing voids & under all major appliances (refrigerator, oven, dish washer, washing machine, dryer & hot water heater)
  3. Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry-we will place an ant & roach gel bait under the kitchen & bathroom sinks, out of sight where your dishes, pots & pans will not come in contact with it.
  4. Baseboards-Our technicians will apply a streamline spray around all baseboards. This spray is micro-encapsulated and is designed to last throughout the year.
  5. Spider Webs-With an extension rod, we will brush spider webs around the outside eaves, door frames, windowsills & anywhere else spider webs are being collected.
  6. Outside Eaves-The technician will spray the outside eaves, around door frames, windows & any other entry way into the house using a micro-encapsulated product.
  7. Perimeter-Finally, we apply a wax coated ant & roach granular bait around the outside perimeter of the home.

If bugs come back between scheduled services, so do we at no additional cost to you!

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